The NW Kind lab does Extracts right.

The best ingredients create the best extracts. It’s as simple as that, and NW Kind delivers. We use our own organic flower, trimmings, and live resin material supplemented by exceptional, local, organic gardens to achieve the standards those in the know have come to expect from NW Kind. Look for NW Kind Extracts in dispensaries around Oregon and experience the difference for yourself. If our label is on it, you know it’s GOOD!


Encased within these golden drops of goodness is a semi-translucent, 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled THC sap. With unmatched purity and sheer versatility, distillate oils provide a clean and potent product that is perfectly matched with our CCELL Cartridges to provide an excellent on-the-go choice for the discerning user.

distillate carts-yellow
NW Kind - Shatter Extracts


Shatter is a heavy hitting terpene rich hash oil!

Our shatter is semi-transparent and semi-solid. Shatter got its name for shattering rather than bending. NW Kind puts all our oils through a special filtration processes to get rid of naturally occurring fats and waxes — which is how it NW Kind manages to provide you with a rich clean oil… also know as purity!

Nug Run

Flower Power.. Our Nug Runs are made from the flowers!

That right BUDS! Flowers are full of trichomes that are amazingly terpene-rich when compared to traditional trim material. These extracts are known for a cleaner flavor that are often more potent. After trying Nug Run, it is likely that you’ll become an “oil snob” and may never go back!

Live Resin

The best dabs come from the freshest materials!

Live resin is literally made from the freshest whole cannabis flowers opposed to buds that have been dried and cured… that’s how “Live Resin” got its name. Legend says that NW Kind has acquired the ninja skills required to refine these precious oils from fresh plants. Try it for yourself, if you’re a cannaisseur you already know that “Live Resin” captures unique aromas and extreme terpenes. NW Kind delivers the best Live Resin experience in the Northwest!

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